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From the perspective of a very long-time support person to my spouse approaching 50 years I wish to express my appreciation to Dr. Conway. He has additionally confirmed what I already know from a less technical perspective. My spouse having suffered MDD for some 36 years with 9 suicide attempts notched to her medical records and being one of the earliest study subjects for VNS for Depression has been depression free for more than 13 years. Additionally and in her case she is on no anti-depressants. We no longer discuss depression. What is truly sad in my opinion is the fact that there exists a unique large population of seriously ill depression patients who through no fault of their own cannot financially consider this or several of the newer neuro-modulation treatment options although FDA approved but lacking CMS approval. And yet trillions of dollars are continuously being spent for the same ineffective and conventional therapies (i.e. pharmaceuticals) for these very same patients. Somewhere the logic of all this thinking eludes me...


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