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The mental and emotional events(hall) that embodied by schizophrenia cause within the psychological component of the individual,focused its efforts to development a rapid and sudden change in the level of attention factor,later to become responsible for development all kinds of turmoil in the normal mental,psychological and behavioral processes
-Can not be any way to stop or disrupt the mental and emotional events that embodied by schizophrenia cause,and keep hope confined to adjust the level of attention factor that appropriate to run the mental processes that target the production of behavior that is consistent with the requirement of daily life
-So that,the treatment of schizophrenia is the ways to how to return the attention factor level to its normal state,in where there is a mental events(hall) that occur by schizophrenia factor and act to raise the level of attention in the same time,wherever each mental message that occur in the brain is act to raise the level attention


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