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You can not treat the schizophrenia before answer the following questions:
1-what are the kind of basic change that occurs in the psychological and mental processes as follows:
A-Oneness of psychological sense of self
B-Activity the psychological volition
C-Receive the visual inputs,and grasp the content of meaning and significance
d-Reception and realize the audio inputs
E-feelings that are emitted in the conscience
F-the individual"s sense of movement-stillness condition with body"s members,and the state of interior areas of the body
G-The process of imagination
h-the process of thinking and rationalization
I-the intrinsic changes that occur in the structural nature of the mental message
j-the process of implicit communication between the individual and himself
k-the process of transforming ideas into behavior
-the process of keeping informations in the memory and retrieved
l-logical sequence between the mental and behavior processes
m-linking the mental process with all other processes
the question:
what is the single cause that affect all usual psychological and mental operations ?


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