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Dr Copeland you are exactly RIGHT. I was bullied daily, yelled at, thrown into walls, cars, held down, spit on, hit, pushed, tackled, locked outside, sexually assaulted by 4 brothers.,1 was the worstl, My parents rule was no blood, no tears. When there was blood, it was never enough for tears. This was daily life. I saw pets killed. I told friends, teachers, school counselors, I even told strangers. We moved every few years, I kept telling. My first memory of sexual abuse was 3, attackers were brothers, parents friends, others. My parents have died I have no contact with siblings, I continue to suffer depression, anxiety, migraines, many phobias. I am 53 and with my neurologist help, I am healing. It has taken a lifetime to get here. Please keep publishing your findings.


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