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From my personal view,it is easy to explain everything as following:
1-If you know,there is no autologous defects in the anatomical structure or bio-chemical processes that prevent the mental processes from working as its usual
2-That is means,the original higher cognitive processes is remain normal
3-Processes that arise by schizophrenia cause,is in itself a new king of high knowledge processes (the phenomena so called hallucination )
4-Temporal and spatial interference between both processes( original and new) leading to the emergence of three possibilities incoming in any moment of time ,as following:
A-The original higher cognitive processes occur in its usual form
B-Or new cognitive processes occur by schizophrenia cause
C-Or both the original and new processes occur at the same time,hinder neither the other path
So,manifestation of schizophrenia disorder in thoughts and behavior (symptoms of SZ )appears only in the case of second and third possibility !!
-treatment of schizophrenia,is the way to deal with the interference processes ,to prevent it from working all time !!


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