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Though my comments are being addressed here in your column, my attempt is to draw attention, bring awareness to, and request assistance with the issues I address below for your entire organization. I see and read all these research projects and reports by the Brain & Research Foundation. But, can someone please tell me what is being done to help these persons with schizophrenia? Many times, these articles address the need for a "large arsenal of already approved drugs", but they are debilitating, life-altering, physically and brain damaging, and induce way too much chemical dependency and many times don't "fix the problems".

I am shocked that, since the tragedy of Sandy Hook, there hasn't been more inputs (stories of recovery, studies of the effects of early enforcement of meds on our youth, etc) to your website.

Where are the studies to evaluate the effects of "too-early" enforcement of ADHD meds like Ritalin by our school officials? Or doctors prescribing usage of anti-psychotic meds on our young bodies and brains? In my personal opinion, I see these drugs prescribed to our children as the driving cause of the on-sight of mental illness (i.e. psychosis in later years). These drugs are altering the brain and personality development of our youth and creating a drug dependency for the rest of their life.

I try to read your articles of research discoveries with a sense of hope for my son suffering from schizophrenia, but do NOT see anything being done in the near-term with any positive outcomes. Where is all this leading, and what is being done to "help" our loved ones suffering from this crippling disease? Despite our country's desperate need to act now to address issues driving and impacting this mental health crisis, I am not feeling the" hope".

Our community officials and organizations are continually decreasing funds for facilities available to intervene at first onset of these diseases, enlighten and offer a sense of hope for those ill, thereby preventing years of lack of and/or misdiagnosis. My son and family have suffered for 11 years before finally able to even begin to obtain effective, long-term, intensive treatment for his debilitating disease, despite years of our cries for help. We live in one of the highest per-capita income counties in the country. Yet the "help", facilities, effective state and community services are NOT available. Only when legal issues are involved as a result of the mental condition, can one get the help they need. That "fact" is NOT being addressed, NOT the driving force for changes to the "medical/mental system" or "laws", and it's NOT acceptable for our country to continue to neglect our ill and not mandate necessary changes to this crisis we are all being subjected to (directly or indirectly) .

Let us all mandate establishment of the much-needed facilities and early-intervention for our family, friends, neighbors, and associates.

As I see it, your role could be one to perform research and studies focused on the chemically-induced effects responsible for the onset of these illnesses and put less emphasis on the "drugs" as a means of sustaining a "normalized" way of living. What is more important genuine care and assistance to our ill to lead normal lives with peace and happiness OR the profits of the controlling, damaging, unethical marketing of pharmaceutical companies? Before you answer that question, heed your conscience and let your thoughts of humane treatment be your guide.


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