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I am so frustrated with everyone who talks of mental health and the so called "stigma" that follows with it. You will hardly ever find a mentally impaired person either talking their mental issues out loud, nor will you find us assuming anything about another. we don't wear these titles with pride, nor should we. everyone talks and assumes; along with the stupid questions like "why", then of course follows the mindless answers from every know-it-all you can find. Has anyone ever thought to ask one of us our opinion on the matter. we have disorders, we are not stupid. We have brains and the majority of us have the ability to think and for those who don't I say shame, shame on you people for picking on the weak. shame on the people for the stigma that follows us everyday. if every scared and unexperinced person wasn't given the ok to speak on the matter maybe the world wouldn't be so freaking blind sided by all the crap they, themselves put out in the open. Well I say this, I do not enjoy people talking on any matter when it comes to my mental issues, it's the ignorant and narrow minded people that really piss the mentally impaired like myself off. No professional of any kind can ever say they know what's best for people like me. cause you don't. Every single one of us is different from the other, every case, every past, every thought is not like a category you can just throw us into, take over our lives, send us away from our families just because we are sick, most of us have every GOD forsaking right to be out in the free and with the people we love. we have problems, so what. We are human, humane beings and unless we feel like our comfort zone is being disturbed or disrupted we have every right to not be sent away because we are different, when did GOD hand over the torch and made any one of you masters of answers and judgement.


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