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I have a brother now 53 who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at 20 y.o. which has virtually destroyed his life. Unable to converse socially or have relationships, lives mostly in isolation on his own. To add to this I also have Epilepsy disorder and my husband's father, as well as his father's brother and his father's brother's son all have diagnosed Schizoprehrenia and live in the Western region of Melbourne. My brother whom is on a new drug is kind of back to normality but is still unable to socialise normally, experiences daily side effects from the cocktail of medications he takes and is unable to form or make, trust others or have any sort of reasonable quality of life. He has not had a job since his early 20's and he lives on a disability pension and given that it is in both sides of the family are concerned for my youngest son who maybe vulnerable to it genetically.


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