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I have three sons diagnosed with schizophrenia, two are identical twins. I have one daughter diagnosed with rapid cycling bi polar disorder. I have one son diagnosed with type one diagnosis, and one son with Kallmann's syndrome. One of the son and myself were tested for MTHFR factor and both of us were positive on one(?) (hetero...). I am presently having this son tested for Hughes syndrome or something similar. After many years of trail and error with the medications, the identical twins are doing very well on clozaril/lamictal and my daughter with bi polar disorder is doing very well on clozaril/welbutrin. The other two are also doing well with their medications. Tragically, we lost our oldest son to suicide. Please lead me in any direction that may help my children. While they are doing well, life certainly requires a great deal of tedious management. Thank you for the work you are doing. I really had a feeling these mental illnesses had something to do with the vascular system. Jill Vaughn, M.A. ed.


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