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my son is 25 years old and was diagnoised with mental illness recently ...although difficult to get him help and he eventually ended up in the hospital that was the turning point for everyone and as a mother I knew he was battling within himslef for some time ....the strange behaviour and islolation and depression was terriying to watch ..when like any parent you just want your child to be happy he is on medication and we try to go for lots of walks as he has gained some weight from the medication . I hope some day he will overcome the challenges he is facing and find his happpiness ...its nice to hear other mothers going thru similiar situation ...although its heartbreaking when I hear their child took their own life ...its my worst fear .. many with this illness are really kind,gentle and loving who have so much potential and I pray for everyone with this illness including my son ....I pray for hope for all of them !!!!


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