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Thank you so very much, each and every one, for sharing so candidly.

While living with these challenges can be very worriesome and tiring and may even add to additional health difficulties, please know our loved ones need love and support. We need to learn to balance meeting their needs with also meeting our own needs. We need support, too, while we continue to assist our loved ones.

We can best get the help in research funding only by sharing openly. We need to educate the public-- our friends/families/neighbors/doctors and other medical professionals/priests, ministers/ legislators on state and federal levels/ social welfare agencies, teachers, employee assistance programs... and so many, many more.

We need to share and to educate as much as possible. We also need to ask for, to demand, and to expect appropriate levels of funding monies going directly into research. We need to expect the best care for our loved ones.

PLEASE keep sharing openly, keep telling it like it is -- for you, for your loved ones.

We need society to respond in a hugely positive manner. In order to achieve this, we need to share as candidly as possible, not buying into any degree of shame. We are all human beings. We all deserve understanding and the helping hands of other human beings. Society will respond more and more, with increasing compassion and with expectations of increased funding and expectation of better care, as well, once made more fully aware of the truths, the heartbreak, the hardships, the pain... and also made aware of the hope we all have in research, in appropriate care, in adequate social support systems, etc.

Nobody is immune from these challenges. Nobody.
We are all in this together!

Stay strong! Keep the faith! Give yourselves credit for showing such love and for doing your own very best, even when unable to always find support and/or respite.

Please keep telling your stories. Please know many share these challenges and do care, do work for additional research funding, do advocate for great care, do advocate for adequate social support networks, and more.

Many join with you in strongly advocating for reaching many important goals.

May we all/each find some solace in knowing we have done our best to show love, concern and support toward your loved ones. May we understand and accept that our loved ones, too, are doing their very best.

May we continue to have the courage to share so candidly, in an effort to educate/advocate for the welfare of all of humanity.

May we find the strength to continue strong advocacy.

May we all find inner peace, comfort and joy in our lives.
May you feel Love surrounding you and your loved ones, always.

Hopeful Heart


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