The Jingle Bell Blues

The Jingle Bell Blues
The Jingle Bell Blues

Ah, the holidays are upon us. We all know what this means – incessant holiday music on your favorite light-rock radio station (beginning before Thanksgiving!), beautiful Christmas lights and the mesmerizing YouTube Christmas Lights Shows, bright Chanukah candles in menorahs sitting in windows, and of course, Frosty the Snowmen on every other lawn built by children home on snow days from school. Unfortunately, however, the holiday season also brings upon what many refer to as the “Holiday Blues”. Generally, the Holiday Blues appear in the form of depression and anxiety – often attributed towards financial stress, time-related stress, and a combination of other factors. Below are a few articles and resources for anyone struggling with a case of the Holiday Blues:

Other resources:

And for some real holiday “blues”, check this out:

Anyone have plans for the next couple of weeks? Share your thoughts on the blog or on Facebook:

Happy Holidays from all of us at NARSAD! Stay warm and have safe travels!

by Josh Okun, NARSAD Manager of Web Services

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