The Honorable Judge Leifman Awarded for his Contributions Toward Rehabilitation and Recovery

The Honorable Judge Steven Leifman, Miami-Dade County Court Criminal Division
Judge Steven Leifman

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The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation celebrated 25 years of Empowering Research for Productive Lives and honored eight extraordinary scientists at its Annual National Awards Dinner in New York City on October 26.

The Honorable Judge Steven Leifman, Miami-Dade County Court Criminal Division, was one of two individuals to have been selected to be honored with the fifth annual Productive Lives Awards for extraordinary contributions toward therapy and recovery from mental illness.

Judge Leifman has served as Special Advisor on Criminal Justice and Mental Health for the Supreme Court of Florida since 2007. As chair of the Court’s Mental Health Subcommittee, he led the examination of Florida’s approach to criminal justice and mental health to transform Florida’s Mental Health System.

Watch Judge Leifman's inspirational acceptance speech from the 2012 Brain & Behavior Research Foundation National Awards Dinner:

Learn more about the 2012 Outstanding Achievement Prizewinners and Productive Lives Awardwinners in this press release

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Dear Mr. Honnurable Judge Steven Liefman I am a underserved conginitive disabiled young adult with asbergers syndrome and who has been missdiaggnosed with three dsm four diaggnostic errors resulting in negglegence and imcompatance it makes me deppressed that Iam a young adult who has been underserved for a long time I would like the diaggnostic errrors out of my file and asbergers syndrome treatment and the community mental health system in wa state to pay for my services so I can be a productive adult and have my american dream to have a good adult future and career realized and education I also have learning disabilties . Is there a lawyer in your network that would like to due some contingincy fee work for a young women who the system has left behind. have a nice christmas Jessica

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