NARSAD Artworks Featured Artwork of the Week: Winter Berries by Deena Sackman

Winter Berries, 6.5" x 8" Watercolor, by Deena Sackman (for sale)
Winter Berries by Deena Sackman

Deenalynn Sackman resides in Seattle, Washington. She came to find NARSAD Artworks in a funny way, as she describes it. While shopping at the Salvation Army she looked around and saw two boxes of cards that really caught her eye. When she looked on the back to see who produced them, she discovered NARSAD Artworks. She went to her local library to find out more about the organization as she had been looking for a way to earn extra income. In 2008, Deenalynn was invited to attend watercolor and photography classes. She was immediately “hooked” as she says and empowered by the joy it brought into her life. With a diagnosis of manic depression since the age of thirteen, her art and the validation of her work by so many including NARSAD Artworks, motivates her to keep learning and striving.

NARSAD Artworks
Winter Berries and other works by Deena Sackman can be purchased
from the NARSAD Artworks website

by Lorraine Divone, NARSAD Production and Art Director

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