Inspiring Young Investigators Accept Klerman and Freedman Prizes in NYC

Alexandre Bonnin, Ph.D. of the University of Southern California
Alexandre Bonnin, Ph.D

The second set of prizes given at our dinner in NYC on Friday evening, July 29, went to three more promising young scientists receiving the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Freedman Prizes. The Freedman Prize honors exceptional clinical research by a Young Investigator and was established in 1998 to honor the late Daniel X. Freedman, M.D., a pioneer in biological psychiatry.

The prize winner is Alexandre Bonnin, Ph.D. of the University of Southern California. The two honorable mention prize winners are Alberto Bacci, Ph.D. of the Brain and Spine Center (ICM) in Paris and Andrew A. Pieper, M.D., Ph.D. of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

To learn more about the Freedman Prize or Drs. Bonnin, Bacci, or Pieper, please read the Klerman and Freedman Prizes Brochure.

Listen to Dr. Bonnin’s inspiring acceptance speech which includes an introduction of the prize by Dr. Herbert Pardes, President of our Scientific Council

Listen to Dr. Pardes’ introduction of the Freedman Prize Honorable Mention winners

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