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Breakthroughs - Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Video
Breakthroughs Video

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The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation has been awarding NARSAD Grants for 25 years now – and celebrated the occasion Friday, October 26th in New York City. This new video was unveiled there, telling the story of the Foundation’s success through the voices of Dr. Herbert Pardes, President of the Scientific Council; Constance Lieber, Foundation President Emerita (1989-2007); and other Scientific Council members and supporters.

“The hope for the future is really that we find better treatments, and perhaps even find a cure. And also, develop more productive lives…and happy lives!” - Connie Lieber, President Emerita

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I am gradually becoming public about goals of a Ph.D. - and in some circles it is a big focus for me. I have a current essay on perspective change in bipolar disorder that I feel is pushing through boundaries to find new ways of applying psychoeducation and CBT. I have been working as a part of teams at two universities, and the academic ability that I have always had is starting to shine again, while I am still an electrician in my day job. When I see these clips about mental illness, I really feel that my condition (bipolar disorder) is not an illness ... in my current experience. Previously - it was definitely an illness. Through learning from experience and developing an understanding of the nature of mental illness, I am now able to succeed and continue to have new successes. I feel that I could share this ability with greater reach through further research. I am glad to say that things are starting to happen. I am always excited when I can share my work. I look forward to making this happen more, as my thesis develops.
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