First Lady's Initiative to Boost PTSD Research: 92 Foundation-Funded Institutions Participate

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden announced this initiative as part of their Joining Forces Campaign to focus on issues that affect veterans and their families. Obama said that while an estimated 300,000 veterans suffer PTSD or major depression, fewer than half got treatment in the past year. With this initiative, many of the country’s leading medical schools will boost their efforts to research PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. The first lady told Virginia Commonwealth University medical students that the profession they've chosen is "the essence of true service.” Ninety-two of the participating medical schools and institutions have NARSAD-Grant-funded scientists.

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I have just finished reading your article about PTSD and it is very interesting that there are so many people including myself that have this disorder. I was sexually abused by four different people and also I worked at a McDonalds in Calgary Alberta and had a knife put to my throat during a robbery. I continue to have nightmares and so many back flashes over these traumatic situations. I at one point tried to commit suicide. When trying to report the sexual abuse to the authorities they had told me to get out of the police station and to this day I have been living in hell. I dont know who to trust and the counceling sessions that I have attended have put me down even more because all that I keep hearing from the pyscologists is to suck it up and get over it.My brother had successfully committted suicide because of the same situation a few years back. I tried to report Debra Walsh for constantly grabbing her son and her exmother-in-law saw all of this happen and still as I presented this to the police there was nothing done, all that they said was not to be a bother in the community or they would charge me for harrasement.

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