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Kafui Dzirasa, M.D., Ph.D. - brain & behavior research expert on schizophrenia
May 15, 2014

Kafui Dzirasa, M.D., Ph.D., of Duke University Medical Center received the Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Schizophrenia Research from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation in 2013. Learn more about the Outstanding Achievement Prizes at:



Kafui Dzirasa, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Duke University

Bryan Roth, M.D., Ph.D.
Q Is there a link between vitamin D3 deficiency and schizophrenia?
A There are several studies which have suggested some link between both high... More >
Karl Deisseroth, M.D., Ph.D. - Brain and behavior research expert on schizophrenia
Q Have any of the labs that are using your invention CLARITY to more precisely observe the brain after death found things that were particularly surprising in your view?
A Though CLARITY technology is so new that these kinds of studies have not... More >