NARSAD Artworks Featured Artwork of the Week: Winter Sky by Aranda Michaels

Winter Sky, 8" x 6" Watercolor, by Aranda Michaels {Available for purchase}
Winter Sky by Aranda Michaels

Born in New York City, Aranda Michaels was a self-taught artist. She relocated to Oregon in the 1980s. A marvel with pen and ink and also skilled with watercolor and acrylics, she was always open to new ideas and mediums.

Aranda lived with a diagnosis of Dissociative Disorder (previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder) for 50 years. She wants it known that she was greatly helped by Dr. John D. Anderson of  Portland, Oregon as well as by NARSAD Artworks for their support  of her artwork. She wrote about Dr. Anderson, “The diagnosis is Dissociative Disorder. The entire group has been in treatment for a number of years; more often than not, all of us have, with the care of this talented and patient psychiatrist, progressed by longer spurts to what is called integration – a binding of wounds and thus, subsequent healing – to the best of the group’s ability.” She said about artwork that“Painting calms the personalities.”

Winter Sky and many others of Aranda’s works are available for purchase.

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by Lorraine Divone, NARSAD Production and Art Director

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