Know Science. No Stigma. 2014

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We believe that by spreading the word about ongoing discoveries of the biological nature of mental illnesses, we can break down the stigma and prejudice that continue to keep people from getting help. We want to share the amazing progress happening in brain and behavior research as widely as possible to help those who continue to suffer in silence. Please join our "Know Science. No Stigma." awareness campaign on social media today.


How it works:
Each day throughout the month, we'll post interesting facts and new discoveries on our Twitter and Facebook pages to debunk the myths surrounding mental illness. These are meant to spur conversation, open dialogue and share knowledge.  



How you can help:

  1. Join the conversation by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages and liking, sharing, retweeting or commenting on our #KnowScience posts.
  2. Next, show your support for Mental Health Awareness Month by replacing your profile image with this "Know Science. No Stigma." badge.
  3. Come back every day to see what's new, share your thoughts and continue to share broadly with your friends.  

Thank you for joining us. There is strength in numbers and there are great numbers of people in need of help. Let's all pitch in!


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