Aaron Beck, M.D. - Brain & behavior research expert on schizophrenia
Aaron Beck, M.D.
April 01, 2010
“The great thrill,” Beck recently confided, “has been in showing that an individual’s beliefs, attitudes and expectations play a far more important role in the...
E. Jane Costello, Ph.D. - Brain & behavior research expert on depression
E. Jane Costello, Ph.D.
April 01, 2010
From Breakthroughs, 2010 Only relatively recently has it been recognized that many mental illnesses begin early in life. Studies have shown that among young...
Karl Deisseroth, M.D., Ph.D.
Karl Deisseroth, M.D., Ph.D.
April 01, 2010
Stigma persists. Yet we are fortunate to live in an era in which major depression and other serious mental illnesses are considered just that — biologically-...
Mary-Claire King, Ph.D., Expert in Schizophrenia Research
Mary-Claire King, Ph.D.
April 25, 2008
In 2008, Foundation Scientific Council Member Mary-Claire King, Ph.D. from the University of Washington—widely known for her discovery of a mutation in a gene...
Carlos A. Zarate, Jr., M.D. - Brain & behavior research expert on depression
Carlos A. Zarate, Jr., M.D.
August 01, 2006
Carlos A. Zarate, Jr., M.D., of the National Institute of Mental Health used a 2005 NARSAD Independent Investigator Grant to further studies on what is being...


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