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Karl Deisseroth, M.D., Ph.D. - Brain and behavior research expert on schizophrenia
October 22, 2013

Though the programs that will be funded by the BRAIN initiative have not yet been determined, the best way to contribute along those lines would be to explore nearby academic neuroscience research centers, like those at universities, where there are (and will be) many carefully designed and exciting research studies involving human brain scanning and mapping and where volunteer subjects are very much appreciated.

Bruce S. McEwen, Ph.D. - Brain and behavior research expert on depression
Q My sister lives with depression and seems to be having increasing issues with her memory as well. You say that stress and depression can “shrink” the brain. Can antidepressants and/or other treatments reverse that?
A Chronic depression is associated with shrinkage of brain areas that are... More >
Eric J. Nestler, M.D., Ph.D. - Brain & behavior research expert on depression
Q My father-in-law was treated with radiation for prostate cancer 2 years ago. Since then he seems depressed. He does not believe in therapy. What can we do? Do you think the depression could be caused by something related to his cancer treatment?
A Depression is often seen in the context of many medical illnesses,... More >