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Katherine L. Wisner, M.D.
September 28, 2011

“A woman who is depressed in pregnancy is certainly very likely to continue to be depressed post partum if she’s not treated and in fact it may get worse … Treating a woman during pregnancy successfully is crucial because depression itself has a lot of negative impacts on pregnancy outcome.”

Video from March, 2010 - filmed at the 7th Annual Palm Beach Symposium

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Katherine L Wisner, M.D.
1998 NARSAD Independent Investigator Grantee
Norman and Helen Asher Professor
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Obstetrics and Gynecology
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

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Bruce S. McEwen, Ph.D. - Brain and behavior research expert on depression
Q My sister lives with depression and seems to be having increasing issues with her memory as well. You say that stress and depression can “shrink” the brain. Can antidepressants and/or other treatments reverse that?
A Chronic depression is associated with shrinkage of brain areas that are... More >
Rachel G. Klein, Ph.D., Scientific Council Member, 1995 NARSAD Distinguished Investigator Grantee, 2004 Ruane Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Research, Professsor of Psychiatry, New York University Child Study Center, Expert on Childhood mental illnesses including ADHD and anxiety
Q In your time on the Scientific Council, what is the most promising area of brain and behavior research you’ve seen?
A Two areas appear most promising. One is that great progress has been made... More >